Friday, July 21, 2017

Why you have CRAVINGS, and how to get rid of them!

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  1. Are you having trouble staying on diet? Cravings and temtations? Learn WHY, and how to deal with the cravings.
    Learn how to elevate and take charge.
    There is no glory in giving up, and there is no glory in staying sick. Life is about living the very best way that we know how, and to realize that suffering does not have to be a part of it. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. In my first book, From HELL to inspired, I take you with me on my own journey from feeling completely lost and sick, to living the life that I love. I have shared my experience on living with a so-called chronic illness, and my encounters with our so-called health care system. I am happy and honored to be able to share my path and my knowledge, and I am confident that if you are in the need of healing, on any level, you will find truth between those covers.