Thursday, May 22, 2014

SPECIAL EDITION "Soul Survivor" - A personal encounter with psychiatry

Soul Survivor" - A personal encounter with psychiatry                                                                                    Mary Maddock is a 66-year-old grandmother and retired music teacher. She is a founder member of MindFreedom Ireland and board member of MindFreedom International. Her book ‘Soul Survivor – A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry’, co-authored with her husband Jim, was published by Asylum in 2006.   The beginning of The Manufacture of Madness:                                  

Wednesday  June 4 10 PM  listen live or podcast later at your convenience.                                                             Last week >Link to Broadcast<  This week  >June 4 Broadcast<                                                       Mad in America                                                                                                                            >Recent Posts by Mary Maddock <                                                                                     MindFreedom Ireland  
                       >link to website<                                                                                                                  The MindFreedom Ireland  Documentary                                                             Just released   June 22,2014                                                       

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